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Friday, December 26, 2014

Maybank TreatsPoints Reward

I have been using Maybank 2 Cards for a while. 

It gives 5x points for Amex card as well as 5% cash back during weekend and 1x point for the Master card. Although I'm working in Singapore currently, but I still have some bills (Hp bills, insurance,donation) being auto credited monthly. 

And I do some spending occasionally using my Amex card for maximum benefit (5% cash back and 5x points) on airline (Firefly, not Airasia), franchised restaurant (Sushi King, etc) and groceries (Parkson, Aeon, Watson) when I in Malaysia. 

This is the second time I converted the reward points. I redeemed RM400 AEON vouchers this time. I like AEON vouchers as they do not have expiry date and I visit AEON 18 quite frequently when I back Ipoh. For Parkson vouchers, it required you to redeem at the outlet on the spot which is little bit troublesome to me.

So, perhaps a good motivation for me to shop for cny clothes :)

There are many credit cards out there, find one that suit you the most. It does help a lot with proper control and discipline. Just make sure you pay the bill on time. If not, hmmm the interest may kill you :)


  1. 你平均每个月用Amex刷多少??

  2. 现在比较少了,毕竟现在在小新打工


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