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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ABRIC: Shares owned by Pui Cheng Wui

I tried to find any info regarding this experience investor, Pui Cheng Wui. It turned out to be quite sacred. I think it's normal unless you always appeared in newspapers or other media. 

I did manage to find his name in some annual reports for some companies for its ownership. 

LTKM Berhad Annual Report 2006
LTKM Berhad Annual Report 2009

First one is the current hot stock, LTKM Berhad. His name first appeared in the LTKM Berhard annual report of FY2006 with close to 1.5 million shares holding. 

His ownership increased to 1.74 million shares with around 4.23% shareholdings as at June 2009. 

He sold off the shares between June 2009 and June 2010 as his name disappeared in the FY2010 annual report. 

Historical price of LTKM in June 2006 and June 2009 were RM1.1x and RM1.1x. Not much price changes. However, the share price thereafter increased to RM1.5x before June 2010. Guess he sold off during that period of time. 

Latitude Annual Report 2005
Latitude Annual Report 2009
Apart from that, he also owned Latitude Tree berhad before. His name first appeared in the FY2005 annual report with close to 2.4 million shares. 

On and off, he sold off and purchased back the shares in open market. His name last seen in the FY2009 annual report with 1.3 million shares with 2.4% ownership. 

The share price of Latitude at Nov 2005 and Oct 2009 were RM1.2x and RM0.7. In between the share price dropped to RM0.5x in 2008 

He sold off his shares after that Oct 2009 and the highest share price was at RM1.7x in Mar 2010. Guess he made a handsome profit too. 

And his greatest investment is below 
Cahya Mata Sarawak Annual Report 2000
Cahya Mata Sarawak Annual Report 2013
His name first appeared in the FY2000 annual report of Cahya Mata Sarawak. 

I looked through the shareholding list from AR2000 onwards. He kept on adding his ownership in this company every year until 16.48 million shares (4.84%) latest as shown in the FY2013 annual report. I guess he still owning until today. 

He purchased this company almost every year since 2000 until current ownership of 4.84% where I think he stopped adding it because it almost reach the threshold of 5%

He is indeed a living example of a very long term investor. Holding a share in more than a decade is no joke especially investing this amount of money in a political related company. 

The current market capitalization of his ownership in Cahya Mata Sarawak is 4.84% x 4.61b = RM223 million which is multiple times of the whole ABRIC's market capital. Hahaha

So, I guess he has no intention to acquire ABRIC group from the existing owner as I think he is more to investing rather than doing business. 

Well, if he can push up the price and I can ride along the wave. It does no harm to me since the net cash per share of ABRIC is around RM0.54 too :)


  1. Hi Yap,

    How you can get abric net cash is 0.54? My figure is RM1.14573. Mind to share?

    1. Hi Global Investor,

      I wrote about the calculation in my earlier post. Below is the link.


      You can take a look


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