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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Millionaire Mindset Intensive

Do you who is T.Harv Eker? 

Did you come across the his revolutionary book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

I had a chance to attend one of its seminar called Millionaire Mindset Intensive in Singapore here several weeks ago. It was Mr. Robert Riopel, the assistant trainer who taught and shared the principles during the 2 full days event. I glad to say that I learnt a lot from the seminar and it did change my mindset a bit and focus on my goals. 

I tried to summary some of the key points here

1) How to win the money game so that you never have to work again. 

The no.1 reason most people don't get what they want is because they don't know what they want & why they want it. First thing need to do is to clarify it and write them down. Clarity leads to power and power is the ability to do or act. The essence of winning the money game comes from financial freedom. I think everyone of you know what financial freedom is. You will become financially free when your passive income exceed your expanses. 

2) The world's easiest and most effective money management method

The method separates your total income into 6 specific accounts as below. 

55% = necessities 
10% = Financial freedom account
10% = Long term savings for spending
10% = Education
10% = Play 
5% = Give

Will further elaborate on next post as I want to compare my financial status with it.

3) Recondition yourself for automatic and natural success. 

The only reason you believe what you believe is because it had credibility from past information and programming. Your beliefs are not based on actual experiences, but rather on your personal interpretations or mis-interpretation or assumptions of those experiences. Sit back and think back money, wealth and rich people you heard as a child. Something like "Study hard and get a good job; Investment is risky; save for the rainy days" will come into your mind. So, are they true? Think about it again. Often some assumptions keep inside our mind far too long that we thought it's indeed true. Do not let it be a barrier for you to succeed. You never do it before, what stop you. The idea is to re-examined your beliefs based on who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. 

4) How to master money and relationships with spouses, business associates and kids

If your relationship with money is full of anger, fear, guilt, shame or sadness, it will have a negative effect on your money. You automatically bring your feelings and emotions to all your actions and decisions around money. Get rid all of the negative feeling and thinking. Learn to forgive. Remember, forgive someone does not matter to that person, it's only matter to you! Think of who going to make a loss in the end. It takes a lot of energy to hate someone.

5) The power of action

If you read the book, you definitely come across this. Action is the bridge between your inner world and outer world. What usually holds people back from taking action is fear. Poor mind's favourite phrase is "What If". "What if this happen?" ; "What if he found out?''; "What if I made a lost?" etc. You can simple observe your mind and say "Thanks you for sharing", and take necessary action to grow and succeed. The secret to success is to learn to act in spite of fear. Successful people have fear, they just don't let it stop them.

Remember, the only way to permanent change your outer world is to first change your inner word. Your inner mind create your outer world. 

The process of Manifestation: Thought -> Feeling -> Action = Result

If your want to change the fruits (result), you have to change the root (mind). Everything starts from your mind.If you think you're going to fail or could not make it, you definitely going to fail eventually as your negative mind keep dragging you down. Overcome the negative mind side of yours. I bet everyone has this thinking before when you want to exercise, the negative mind would keep telling you that "Argh looks like it's going to rain, not enough time, I'm tired etc .. " , but these thinking would vanish while you stepped out and took a sweat. 

So, make a change! The only thing that is constant is change

Group photo after broke down the stick


  1. hi can i know how much is the course?

  2. Hi Yuan7766,

    Are you station in Singapore now? There is an upcoming event at 7-9th March 2014. There is 3 types of seats. The general seats are free of charge while you need to pay for the Premium and VIP seats. Below link is the details,The venue is at RWS convention center.


    If you station in Malaysia, the upcoming event is at 14-16th Mar 2014 at KL but the details are not released yet.


    Hope it helps

  3. I will join for the next one, let's grow together

  4. i have attend the course 7-9 march, it is awaresome~~!!!hahaaha. thanks a lot

    1. Great !! Remember to apply it especially the money management and positive thinking.


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