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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015 Portfolio

Have a nice break back to hometown and celebrate Mother's and Father's day together last weekend. 

Not so willing to come back to work .. like always :(

May was another selling month for me. 

I sold off IFCA at around RM1.4x as the selling pressure really scared me off. But I think it will go up and reach its all time high again. Just I have not much time to monitor the counters during working hours nowadays, so I decided to sell it and use the proceed to buy some stable counters. 

Nothing much changed for PJDev, Chin Well and Ho Bee Land. 

Sunway and CES had a sell-down in May but I think they will pick up themselves back in future. 

For HMI, I'm still waiting for the right time to dispose it if the news of Mahkota Hospital disposal really come true. 

China Silver and China Saite had a great run in May. But at the time of writing, they dropped back a bit. I took the opportunity to dispose half of my holdings in China Silver at around HKD4.80 and took back my capital plus some profit. 

Bought in Welling Holding few days ago. Basically, I followed others for this stock. Still in the progress to read the past annual reports of the group. :)

Cash level is around 25%. Looking to buy 2 counters each in KLSE and HKEX.

So have to be more hardworking and read more reports. 

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