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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mar 15 Portfolio

Time flies. First quarter of the year just ended. 

I had a very nice trip in Taiwan :) 

Are you still working hard to achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the year? 

First quarter saw the surge in demand on the KLSE counters that related with exports and resulted in very good return for many investors. 

Unfortunately, I don't have any :(

For the month of March, I purchased more on CES and PJDev as well as a bad buy on China Saite. Thought there would be a breakout on the W-shape pattern but it didn't turn out to be like that. Sigh .. so it stuck there currently. 

Based on the OSK latest annual report, the corporate movement development involving the acquisition of OSKP and PJDev from Mr Ong's hands (Part 1) and offers to minority holders (Part 2) will take place in Q2 and Q3 respectively. Therefore, it's still a long way to go 

Sunway and SCGM move up a abit in March, probably because of the upcoming corporate exercise and good result respectively. 

ABRIC also moved up a bit. I hope I can sell it at higher price and use the capital to add in Chin Well as I'm more confident on latter.

HMI lost its momentum and I think it's undergoing consolidation. HB Land move up a bit too and the price is moving closer to my breakeven point :)

China Silver announced a splendid result and I still looking forward on its online business. But one thing I learnt after I started to invest in HKEX is the price fluctuation is quite high. I may sell it off to realize the profit first. 

From this month onwards, I will add in YTD realized performance, current portfolio unrealized performance and also dividend received as my performance tracking. Hopefully, I can make better decisions moving forward. 

The calculation of realized performance and dividend received is based on the balance at the beginning of the year as denominator while unrealized performance is based on cost of purchase. 

So after one quarter, 1.34% realized return is still far away from my year end target. Those counters that achieving good returns currently contributing lesser to my overall portfolio. I think I need to trim down the number of counters to maximize my return. 

Let's work hard and achieve our goals :)


  1. I can see that you're really committed to stock investment. Lets work hard together (though I'm getting more lazy lately...)

    1. Very hard to motivate after CNY and also vacation .. haha

      You're different. Enjoy your fatherhood :)

  2. international pro-folio, interesting

    1. Haha Uncles Jim, it's just a portfolio, still far away to reach pro level


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