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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bye Bye 2014

Well, it's almost the end for the year 2014. 

There were happy, exciting, sweet as well as sad, stressful and disappointment occasions happened on me throughout the year. Overall, it was still a good year for me :)

Looking back on the resolutions I posted at the beginning of the year, I'm glad I did most of them. 

1) Ensure my portfolio has at least 15% annual return in realized profit at the end of 2014. 
    This is the top priority of the list and I'm glad that I manage to do it :)

2) Spare out RM2.5k monthly to enlarge my portfolio capital at the end of 2014 by RM30k. 
    Yes this too. 

3) Study and invest in Singapore companies. 
    I studied a couple of companies listed in SGX. In the end, I only invested in 2 companies ( CES & HB land, both also "follow wind". My bad, need to catch a bit )

4) To have average monthly dividend of RM400. 
    Yes achieved. But still long way to go to achieve financial freedom.

5) Read a book once per 2 months. Isn't too few? Haha
    Yes. And I want to thank my partner too for accompanied me to go library during weekend.

6) Exercise at least twice per week. 
    Yes. 2-3 times per week unless I went for travel during certain weeks. Mostly jogging but now should have a fix weekly badminton session at Sunday morning :)

7) Improve my cooking skills. 
    Yeah. I think I'm better than before and I found out that cooking is not that hard when you try and cook more. I want to thank my bro for letting me to stay at his HDB too, else there is no way I can have the chance to learn cooking.  

8) Back to my hometown at least once per month. (p/s: I currently in Sg)
    Yes yes yes. Family is important. On par with health and wealth. 

9) To propose and ROM :)
    Yes. Next is the wedding dinner. 

So that's. Time flies when you are happy, right?

Thanks God for everything. Good or bad, they are important in my journey.

It's time to make resolution for year 2015 :)


  1. 8) Back to my hometown at least once per month. (p/s: I currently in Sg)

    I'm so 惭愧, didn't go back home town for ~3 months already ... Maybe I can tag along with you ;)

    1. Boss, you can arrange them to come over Sg or Medan (Since gt direct flights from Ipoh)
      or go to KL as for my case, my sibings stay in PJ, so we all gather there :)

  2. wow, nice to see that! God bless :)

  3. You accomplished ALL of them! Congratulations!
    Is no.9 the easiest? Haha!

    1. Because I lower the targets ma .. haha
      No.9 of course is the easiest lo, but also need some preparation one haha


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