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Sunday, January 20, 2013

~ tOp 93 pErsOnAl finAncE FAQs ~

Having stepped into working society 2.5 years ago taught me the importance of financial management. As a typical employee, every pennies earned must be well managed in order to meet my financial goals as well as maintain the life style I wish to be. There must be a financial plan to succeed and I must discipline enough to make sure everything goes according to the plan

Having came across this book "Top 93 Personal Finance FAQs in Malaysia" in one of the local bookstore. Without any hesitation, I copied down the ISBN number and sent to my sister as she is entitled certain discounts to purchase any book in Mph. 

There is 4 chapters in this book namely Wealth protection, Wealth accumulation, Wealth management and Wealth distribution. 

Wealth protection,as its name applies, mentioned about insurance. What type of insurance suits you and how many percentage you should spare from your monthly salary to put on insurance. That's all depends on your age, family, breadwinner type and other factors. 

Wealth accumulation explained about the investment methods that we're having today in Malaysia. There are variety of investments available today that I am sure one of them sure suit you. Investment is a must to counter the devil inflation. 

Wealth management and Wealth distribution are the 2 chapters that I interested least as I do not have much assets nor taking up any loans currently. It explained how ones should manages his mortgage, car, credit card and personal loans. The latter part explained the importance of a will. 

There are still much more to learn for me. 

For those who interested in financial management, you can log on to kclau.com/ ( Author of this book) and subscribe to get update through email. KC always posts quite a number of posts related to finance and hosts a lot of webinar and seminar to the visitors. 


  1. i wan this book also after u finished reading it :P


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