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Monday, May 18, 2015

Pintaras Jaya: Q3 result update

Pintaras Jaya just released its 3rd quarter result for FY2015 days ago.

At first glance, the result appeared to be quite good that showed great improvement compared to corresponding quarter last year. But in fact, it's showing a worrying sign. 

Revenue increased around 18% to RM57 million, but there was not much improvement on operating level. Bear in mind that there was an one-off expanse of RM4.0 million on ESOS implementation last year. If excluded the one-off expanse, PBIT grew a bit only. 

It showed that its operating profit margin had dropped. Management stated there it was due to on-going projects are in the completion stages of implementation as well as higher depreciation charge as a result of capex spent earlier. 

In terms of prospects, it may not sound so good from the management's point of view neither. 

All this while, I normally will record the contract sums and duration announced by the group on the Bursa website. 

Based on my record, the group only left 3 on-going projects on hands. 

The group really need to be more aggressive to bid more contracts, but first the overall construction industry must be in good condition and hopefully, the group able to secure few more contracts to replenish its order book in short while. 

11th Malaysia Plan will be announced in 2H15, the group is hopeful to secure some jobs, likely from MRT2 and LRT3 projects as well as property development jobs. 

And what's more, hopefully the group does not need to lower its profit margin in order to secure more contracts as high profit margin Pintaras exhibited all this while served as plus point for the investors to demonstrated its competitive advantage over its competitors. 

Let's see how the group moving forward. 

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