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Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 2015 Portfolio

Hmm half year of 2015 was gone. I almost forget what targets I set at the beginning of the year. Have to review back then only I realized that some objectives are still far off from the targets. 

So, how about yours? 

No selling shares for me in June, purchased 2 stocks in KLSE, namely Puncak and Opensys. Unfortunately, I bought the shares right before the sell down. Thus, my buying price was quite high. Shit :(

For Puncak, I was buying for short term. Hopefully the agreement can be settled by July and the share price up a bit. 

For Opensys, I purchased it due to its improved performance. Have to keep on monitor its quarter reports moving forward to keep track on its CRM sales as well as its recurring income. Have to sell it off if the growth was not up to the standard. 

For PJDev, ChinWell and Sunway, there were still quite stable. SunCon already credited into my account but I probably will sell it off since the quantity is not that much 

For SGX, nothing much changes for the 3 stocks. All have to wait for quarter report release in coming August. Not much news regarding the sale of Mahkota Hospital anymore for HMI. 

For HKEX, I already cut half of my holding in China Silver, so probably will just sit back and let's see how far can it go to. Will probably do the same on China Saite, but feel like it's not the right time yet. 

I still looking for companies to invest especially in HKEX. But still can't find any company ngam sam sui. Have to keep on screening the companies. 

Any stocks recommend to me? :)

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