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Monday, March 2, 2015

Feb 15 Portfolio

It was a brief month of February and I was away for close to 2 weeks to celebrate cny. Seldom access to internet as the internet speed at home is far too slow.

PJDev & Sunway - Both companies also announced improved result to make up a good financial year of 2014. I still waiting their respective corporate announcements. At the same time, both also declared dividends. What makes it better is both companies also declared higher dividends than last year.

Chin Well - A good Q2 result but lower contribution from its Vietnam plant. Same amount of dividend declared. Contribution from Vietnam plant will be consolidated to the group starting from 2H2015 onwards.

SCGM - Quarter result will be out in March, probably a good one but valuation is not so attractive. Will make decision whether want to sell when the result is out. 

IFCAMSC - Converted into mother stock from warrants earlier. Result was not bad and a maiden dividend was declared. Have to look at next quarter result to check the contribution from its China division. Will sell it when the growth momentum is not there.

ABRIC - NCAV and NNWC asset play. Not sure I have the patient to wait or not :(

CES - A good quarter and perhaps a good financial year too as expected. A special dividend on top of normal dividend were declared. Didnt do much homework on its property development projects for this year. Have to dig a bit.

HB Land - Moderate financial year. Not much cash and high borrowings. No more special dividends. FY2015 will be another year with probably pure rental income. 

HMI - New addition in this month for short term investment. Bet on its probably better result and the price had consolidated for a while. So, I made a bet. 

China Silver - Result will be out in March. It will be good one since it announced a profit guidance of no less than 80% increase in net profit for FY2014. Hopefully a slight better dividend will be announced but the group also need some fund for its online business and a potential acquisition for upstream business. 

In Feb, done a brief studies on AMVIG (2300), Brilliant Circle (1008), China First Chemical (2121)

Also finish a book, namely Getting Started In Technical Analysis written by Jack D. Schwager, It teaches about the basic of charts. Of course from the title of the book, you will know that it's for technical novice or beginner like me. It explained briefly about the types of charts, chart patterns, trading system, charting software, mistake and risk control. It gave me a brief introduction about the chart patterns and parameter but it did not include the volume as a consideration which I think it is a quite important element. For trading system and charting software, I think it's not so useful for me at this stage as my purpose is to learn some basic technical skills to guide my entry and exit price. Will look for other books to learn more about technical knowledge.

Will continue looking some companies listed in HKEX, hopefully can invest one more company soon. 

March will be another month I looking forward to as I will visit Taiwan with my wife and parents :)


  1. Congrats Yap ! Most of your stocks on profits side..
    Do you factor in brokerage fee when calculating your average price ?
    Can share any pros or cons if you factor in brokerage fee in your portfolio?


    1. Thanks, J
      My average price included the brokerage fee.
      Pros and Cons when included brokerage fee in portfolio? I have really no idea, but the brokerage fees charged by the investment bank nowadays are quite competitive. Choose the one most suitable for you in terms of fees and service provided.
      And it also depends on how you invest. If you trade frequently, of course you need to take the brokerage fees into your cost consideration since you're being charged frequently.
      Also another concern is your invest capital. If your capital is small, of course choosing the cheapest brokerage fee will be ideal for you to maximize your gain.

  2. I am using HLebroking which I think is the lowest brokerage fee compare with others. Thanks for your explanation.

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