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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dec14 Portfolio

In Dec, I brought in Chin Well into my portfolio on top of PJ Dev and Sunway. Both PJ Dev and Sunway were bought earlier for their corporate actions. 

Thinking to average down PJ Dev-WC when the price dropped a lot few weeks ago but did not make the move in the end as I don't want to enlarge the portion of warrant in my portfolio. 

Made a positive short trade on Poh Huat 

For Singapore, still the same old HB Land and CES. 

For January, continue to do more studies and will make purchase if their price dropped to my prefer buying price. 

Happy new year :)


  1. Never support Hua Yang ;)

    I plan to buy more Ho Bee ... Let's see first trading in 2015 got luck or not ;)


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